Press + Media

‘Crocodile Tears-The Interview’, February 2013:

‘Crocodile Rocks’ in The Phoenix, January 2013 Issue:

‘Chain Reaction’ in Boston Magazine, September 2011 Issue:

‘Fall Prey’ Spotlight section of New Brahmin blog:

Interview with Weekly Dig, December 2010:

Interview with Weekly Dig, September 2009

Daily Candy Boston Edition write up


2 thoughts on “Press + Media

  1. Sophie Te Whaiti says:


    My name is sophie and I was wondering if I could review and promote one of your products? I have a blog,, with over 2,300 followers and have had over 12,500 views of my blog in the past two-three months.

    I would love to review one of your amazing products which would be shown to all of my followers who are mostly teenage girls who would be extremely interested in your brand, as am I! I would leave this up on my blog with a link to the product. I would also post pics on my instagram and Facebook account.

    Thank you for your time,

    Sophie x

    • crcdltears says:

      Hi Sophie,

      Thanks for your interest. We just checked out your blog and it looks great! Would love to get involved!

      How should we proceed? Do you need us to send you an actual piece? Is there something specific on our site that you’d like to review? We can send you pictures or feel free to grab what you need off of the blog.

      We also just started an instagram account. You can see more of our recent work there: @crcdltears

      Anyway, glad to hear you’re interested in our work.
      Let us know what we can do to help!

      Marya + Jodi

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