What is Crocodile Tears?!

Crocodile Tears was created in June 2008 by two Boston footwear designers that decided to start making apparel and jewelry that they wanted to wear but couldn’t find.

It was also a way to escape typical corporate design drudgery(!) and focus on making things more intuitively and less restrictive.

The results have been rewarding: working in another medium has broadened our perspective on footwear and has influenced our approach to fashion and accessories in a truly different way.

We hope you find something you like…or at the very least, something you haven’t seen before.



2 thoughts on “What is Crocodile Tears?!

  1. Ellen says:

    I have a necklace that I bought at acquire last spring. Can I commission a reworking of it into something I like better? I regretted not buying a different one instead but it was gone when I went back. The one I have is just a bit short and a bit off from my really loving it. It is black and metallic chain….half of each.

    • crcdltears says:

      Hi Ellen,

      We can try to rework it if we have enough material. What exactly would you like changed? We can probably lengthen it and do some minor changes if you can specify what you had in mind.

      Could you drop us a line at: crcdltears@gmail.com and we can set up an appointment at the studio for us to take a look?

      Thank you.

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